MYOF/KLSO Gillian Humphreys Concert - September 7th, 1997

The Malaysian Youth Orchestra Foundation presented the Musical World of Gillian Humphreys in collaboration with the Kuala Lumpur Symphony Orchestra and Concordia Foundation. This musical event followed the highly successful hosting of the Asian Youth Orchestra Rehearsal Camp and the staging of their first performance in Kuala Lumpur over the month of June 1997. We believe that in presenting this event, we are moving a step closer towards achieving our objectives.

Our efforts to increase the level of awareness of orchestral music, classical and otherwise, and to give opportunities for our young musicians to learn from and perform with highly talented and experienced artists motivated us to support this event wholeheartedly. The master classes conducted by Gillian Humphreys and her guest musicians after the concerts helped elevate the performance standards of our budding young talents. We are grateful for their contribution to Malaysia and hope that young Malaysian musicians will gain internationally.

And judging by the make-up of the audiences at both the Young Audience and Gala Concert performances, the appeal of orchestral music is indeed timeless. The jovial conductor, Harvey Eagles, swiftly established rapport with the usually reticent Malaysian audience.

Both Harvey and Gillian highlighted each section of the orchestra to help focus the audience’s attention that would otherwise have been lost for want of knowledge or experience. At the Young Audiences Concert, the organizers customize the program book for the children with a fun quiz page and contest to make the appreciation of orchestral music fun, entertaining and educational.

The night belonged to the young Tan Poh Joo and Harvey Eagles who did a heartrending Concerto for Two by Vivaldi. Poh Joo presented a short, simple but emotive piece by Puccini in honour of the late Diana, Princess of Wales.

We would like to express our thanks to the Organising Committee, the KLSO and Concordia Foundation whose collaborative efforts together can help realize the vision of seeing young Malaysians win accolades in the world’s orchestral music arena.