The Malaysian Youth Music Festival 2007


September 1st 2007
Palace Of The Golden Horses, Kuala Lumpur

Bravos! To all the winners and performers who participated in the first Malaysian Youth Music Festival 2007, well done! It was a memorable day to see so many music students performed, some with perfections, and some with such intense feelings till it brought tears to their proud parents’ eyes. The encouraging number of 490 entries from all over Malaysia and Indonesia indicates that there is a need for such an event to promote orchestral music and provide opportunities for many to perform and share the love of music.

There were a total of 60 classes of competitions from piano, violin, guitar, woodwind and voice solo to duets, concerto, ensemble and choir. With a total of almost 800 participants throughout the day, the highlights of the festival were the piano and violin concerto performances, instrumental ensembles, the junior and senior choirs from various groups and schools. At the end of the day, eight first prizewinners from various solo categories of the highest level competed for the top three placing of the Patron Awards. 

The Patron Awards Concert

Apart from final contestants for the Patron Awards, the awards concert also featured two invited groups: XUM, first prize winner of the Senior Choir and Fresco Harmonica Ensemble, First prize winner of the Advance Ensemble Group.

Accompanied by MYOF’s Chairman Encik Mirzan Mahathiar and committee member Jean Wong, MYOF’s Patron, YABhg Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah Hj. Mohd. Ali graced the evening performances with her presence.


The 27 choir members of XUM set the night’s rhythm in motion with a specially arranged A cappella version of “ICE KACANG”. This lighthearted and lively performance was greeted with many cheers and applauds by the audiences.

The second performance for the night featured Beethoven’s Grande Sonata Patetique, Op. 13, 3rd Movement, which was delivered flawlessly by 13 years old Ker Jen Hoe, winner of the Diploma Piano Solo, Baroque & Classical Category.

14 years old Shulamite Chin Shi Ling took over the stage next and beautifully performed her piece, GYPSY AIRS by Pablo De Sarasate. Being the winner of the Diploma Violin Solo Category and with only 4 short years of violin lessons, she is certainly the next young talent to watch out for.

Next in line was the winner of the Diploma Piano Solo, Romantic Category Group 2 - Raymond Yee, who delivered his SCHERZO NO. 2 IN B FLAT MINOR, Op.31 by Chopin with ease.
22 years old Claudine Tabatha Egbert took the audiences from Chopin’s Romantic era back to more than one century in time to a well-known Baroque Aria LASCIA CH’IO PIANGA by Handel. With only 5 years of formal vocal training, it took Claudine only a year to obtain Merit in Grade 8 Vocal Examination. She was the winner of Grade 8 & Diploma Vocal Solo Category.
It was her debut performance in Malaysia for 24 years old Cynthia Ang from Medan, Indonesia. Winner of Diploma Piano Solo, Romantic Category Group 1, Cynthia played the HUNGARIAN RHAPSODY No. 6 in D FLAT MAJOR by Franz Liszt like a seasoned performer. She has a long list of experiences in competitions and concert performances for the pass 7 years.
The 7th performer was Cheah Mun Wei, who won the 1st prize in the Diploma Piano Solo, Modern Category. Playing one of the 12 Fantasy pieces after the Zodiac: DREAM IMGAES (Gemini) by the modern and advant garde composer George Crumb, her interpretation of this “Love-Death Music” was performed with limitless expression which would have evoked borderless imaginations on its listeners.

The second group of guest performers, the Fresco Harmonica Ensemble delighted the audiences with their unusual arrangements for 4 harmonicas in their version of the BARBER OF SIVELLE by Gioachino Rossini. The piece was arranged for two chromatic harmonicas, one chord and one bass harmonica. 
Unknown to some, harmonica falls under woodwind category of instruments. Many in the audiences had never seen or heard such unique ensemble, let alone the different types of harmonicas. It was such a pleasure for many to have witnessed such wonderful and rare performance. The members of this ensemble consist of members from the Yu Hua Harmonica Club, Kajang. They are: Choong Seet Yee, Choong Teck Foo & Chan Jin Shing and is lead by 22 years old Soon Hock Chuan.

Concluding the night’s performances was the winner of the Concerto Category, 21 years old Shuenda Wong, playing the PIANO CONCERTO IN E FLAT by Liszt. Shuenda’s talent had given him many opportunities to perform internationally and locally for the pass 12 years, such as the Yamaha Junior Original Concert Series all over Asia, opening ceremony of British Commonwealth Games in Bukit Jalil, 1998, and the APEC Meeting in Dewan Filharmonik, Kuala Lumpur. He has also won prizes at the Natioanl Piano Competition year 2000 and 2001, and was a finalist in the Enschede Competition for Young Musicians 2004 in Netherlands and the Arthur Lepthien Piano Competition 2005, Germany.

The Patron Awards Winners were voted by the following 10 judges: Delia Meehan, Dennis Lee, Chee-Hung Toh, Edward Pople, Eric Leong, Jane Ng, Bobby Chen, Ralph McDonald, Domenico Codispoti and Mei-Yi Foo.

The winners voted by the judges were:

Shuenda Wong, Patron Award Grand Prize winner of a two months scholarship of Master Classes; 
Cheah Mun Wei, Patron Award 2nd Prize winner of one month scholarship of Master Classes; 
and Raymond Yee, Patron Award 3rd Prize winner of one sponsored Master Class.

3rd Prize: Raymond Yee         2nd Prize: Cheah Mun Wei

Grand Prize: Shuenda Wong

The Malaysian Youth Orchestra Foundation and The Talent Makers wish to thank all the supporters, participants and sponsors for taking part in this memorable event. We hope to reach out to more music lovers and students in our next year’s festival, especially students of other orchestral instruments. With all your encouragements and support, we can work together towards promoting excellence in music performance, improving and maintaining the appreciation of the arts and sciences of music in all aspects among Malaysian youth.