The 2nd Malaysian Youth Music Festival 2008


FESTIVAL 23rd August 20


23rd AUGUST 2008

Well done to all the participants of The 2nd Malaysian Youth Music Festival and congratulations to all the winners. 

There were a total of 496 entries this year with a total of 72 competition classes ranging from majority of piano solos, followed by violin / cello solo, piano duet, vocal, flute, guitar solos, chamber choir and chamber ensemble. 

We would like to record our deepest appreciation to our co-sponsors: IOI Corporation Berhad and Wagner Piano Sdn Bhd for helping us making this event a successful one. Special thanks to MYOF’s honorary Advisor: YABhg Toh Puan Datin Dr. Aishah Ong for her attendance and her generous donations to the festival. To all the parents and teachers, thank you for your support in our programmes and we appreciate all your hard work, dedications and encouragements towards your children and students. To all volunteers, we greatly appreciate all your help and contribution to the festival, and last but not least, to all the distinguish judges, thank you for taking time off your busy schedule to be part of this festival. 


The Patron Awards Performances features all the first prizewinners of the highest level from all categories. It awards the top 3 most outstanding performers with selected hours of subsidized master classes conducted by specialists.

Apart from the eight finalists who performed at the Patron Awards Performances, there was a guest performance of piano duet by one of the finalist, Eunike Nathania Wintono & Ryan Ferguson from Indonesia. The finalists were:

Piano Solo Beethoven
Low Chyh Shen 
Sonata in G Major Op31, No 1
Piano Solo Chopin (Grade 8)
Joshua Ng Jin Ho
Waltz in C Sharp Minor Op. 64 No.2
Violin Solo 
Esther Goldy Roestan
Concerto No.1 in G Minor Op26, 1st movement
Max Bruch
Piano Solo 20th Century
Eunike Nathania Winoto 
Rapsodia Nusantara No.1
Ananda Sukarian
Flute Solo
Winston Mike Law Tze Chin
Sonatina (1st Movement) for flute & piano
Eldin Burton
Piano Solo Baroque & Classical
Tiong Boon Hui
Sonata in C Major K309 1st movement
Piano Solo Romantic
Kong Tain Sang
La Campanella From Etudes d Execution
Franz Liszt
Vocal Solo Diploma
Terence Au Eng Yee 
Non Piu Andrai from Le Nozze di Figaro

The following judges voted for the Patron Awards winners:
Mei-Yi Foo, Bobby Chen, Eric Leong, Ian Lim, Lim U-Jin, David Robinson, Roger Lord and Chee-Hung Toh. 

The winners were:
Grand Prize:
Esther Goldy Roestan
Violin Solo
2nd Prize:
Eunike Nathania Winoto
Piano Solo
3rd Prize:
Terence Au Eng Yee
Vocal Solo

The most outstanding performer from The Kota Kinabalu Music Festival 2008 held on the 17th August was sponsored by MYOF to come and compete in The Malaysian Youth Music Festival 2008. 

Sponsorship of airfare, 2 night’s accommodations and entry fees were presented to Misato Sakai from Kuching from the Diploma Solo vocal category.

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