Kota Kinabalu Youth Music Festival 2010 (The 18th KK Music Festival & the 4th Malaysian Youth Music Festival)


The Kota Kinabalu Youth Music Festival 2010

Jointly organized by MYOF and Kota Kinabalu Music Society, this year’s festival saw over 600 entries to the festival competitions from east and west Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. We also had the privilege to enjoy a lunchtime and finale performance by Fresco Harmonica Ensemble, who took home the Champion title in the World Harmonica Festival in Trossingen, Germany in 2009.

The day was filled with musical performances from as young as 5 years old children to adults. Performance on piano, violin, vocal, saxophone, clarinet, flute, guitar, drum, combo band, ensemble and choir group were heard throughout the day. There was also a new category of technical scales performances where winners took home cash prize as a reward for their hard work.

One of the highlights of the day was performed by the Serunai Singers from Brunei at the choir competition. They took home the first prize with beautifully performed A cappella Choral piece - “Locus Iste” and their lively choreographed performance of “Rhythm of Life”. The only group in the Junior Ensemble category was accompanied by their father on the piano with four siblings playing violins - The Schaumann Family String Ensemble. They impressed the audiences at the finale concert with their rendition of “Jambalaya” for four violins and vocals.

From classical to Jazz, and upbeat drum solo to groovy combo band performances , this festival was an inspiration for many and an opportunity for performance exposure specially for the very young students. We applaud the efforts and hard work made by all participants, not forgetting the dedications made by their parents and teachers.

Our deepest appreciation goes to all the volunteers, the committee members of KKMS, contributors - Wagner Piano Sdn Bhd, Trinity Guildhall Examination board & ANZCA, and last but not least, the adjudicators who took time from their busy schedule to be part of this memorable day. Thank you all for your dedications, hard work and support. 

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